Sea Salt in Everyday Life

The usefulness of the salt has been known since ancient times. It has many applications in our everyday life. Most of the aspects of its widespread usage we take as something granted for our living standards. The sea salt yield was first mentioned in Buddhist scripture dating back in the mid-5th century BC. There were even historical periods when salt was used instead of traditional money. One theory claims that the English word for salary originates there. They say the Latin term salarium connected the soldiers, their work and salt.

Sea Salt Usage

Sea Salt

Sea salt is produced from the evaporation of seawater. Evaporation is result of the impact of sunlight and wind flow. As there is no additional treatment salt keeps all its biologically active ingredients and valuable substances.

Sea salt is key ingredient in every country’s cuisine. Some top chefs believe it tastes even better than the regular salt and prefer it, especially in gourmet cooking.

Sea salt – medicine and cosmetic

Sea salt contains over 80 different trace elements. That qualifies it as a super drug of the nature’s first- aid kit. Salt has antivirus effects and stimulates the immune system. It takes care of the digestive system by stimulating the salivary glands. The white crystals maintain the good electrolyte balance in our body. The presence of sodium and magnesium in it helps stabilize the heart rhythm. Medics have found that intake of salt improves brain activity and makes us happier by keeping serotonin levels and melatonin in it.

Sea Salt Therapy

Sea Side Thalassotherapy

Since ancient times it is known that salt has a rejuvenescent effect on the skin. Using it you can easily eliminate a number of skin problems. As a result of its use as a cosmetic product, your skin becomes radiant and glowing.

Sea salt is one of the most popular natural resources in the fight against cellulite. With a gentle exfoliating and regular salt treatment, skin get smoother and relieves stress from the body. The notorious sea salt baths affect beneficial to the skin and veins. Those tone up the whole body and have sedative effect. Salt baths eliminate stress and reduce nervous tension. They have strong antibacterial and mineralizing effect as well.

In its essence the chemical composition of sea salt consists mainly of magnesium and sodium chloride. The presence of large amounts of magnesium makes it very suitable for a usage as a cosmetic products.

The beneficial and healing effect of magnesium has been known since the Renaissance. The amount of magnesium in the body is directly related to the proper functioning of the body. In combination with several enzymes, it takes part in over 300 biochemical processes of our body.

Sea salt is one of the few natural products that have helped mankind from ancient times to the present days. We have had thousands of years to convince ourselves and prove the value of this unique substance.

Salt usage is an example of how you can take care of your body with a single natural product and without using chemical products, which in most cases helps one problem, but creates in parallel another one.

by Black Sea Cosmetics

We offer a wide range of unique cosmetic products based on the healing lye and mud from the salty lakes of Pomorie and Burgas, combined with Black Sea sea salts and enriched with natural herbal ingredients form Bulgaria.

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