The Scientific Team

The Inorganic Salts Laboratory is a part of the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, part of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is the oldest scientific institution in modern Bulgaria. It was founded in 1869 when it started operation as an organization intended to align the Bulgarian science to the higher standards of the advanced European nations.

The Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry was founded back in 1960 as a result of the formation of several departments and laboratories in the restructuring of the chemical institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to expand and modernize research.

Science Laboratory

As part of the Institute, the laboratory consists of two working groups – scientific and applied, respectively situated in Sofia and Burgas.

The subject of the laboratory studies is associated with obtaining and characterization of inorganic substances, as well as the development of technologies and processes for their production.


Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Main Building © Photo by BAS

Tests and pilot studies of technologies and reagents are executed for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, as well as organization of small productions for market research.

The processes of dissolution and crystallization, taking place in a number of simple and multi-salt systems in model water systems, natural waters and lye are studied there. They are the theoretical basis for optimizing the conditions for the development of technologies for inorganic chemical products.

Priority tendencies in scientific and applied research of the laboratory are along the fields of material and resources studies of the inanimate nature.

The laboratory conducts research on the synthesis of substances of biological interest starting from different water-salt systems. Conditions of synthesis, phase transformations, their solubility in a variety of solvents and the effect of bioactive additives are studied.

The knowledge of this process is of interest for the detection of elementary process and regularities, related to the absorption of bio-materials of the mineralized tissue structures (bones and teeth).

The theoretical and applied research lines of the laboratory follow to the priority tendencies to materials science and inanimate nature resources.

The laboratory activities include research on resources and inanimate nature, concerning mainly surface water systems (inland and marine) and soils. The research tendencies are in the field of ecology and sustainable use.

The Institute has a chemical laboratory, well equipped with stationary and portable equipment for conducting experiments and research. Modern software is used for theoretical modelling, for predicting the behaviour of the studied systems and for simulating the process in different conditions.

As a result of the implementation of several European and national projects, the lab has built its own innovative base, with facilities into three directions Inorganic Chemical Innovation, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Innovation and Analytical Laboratory. The base has all the needed equipment for initial testing, optimization, economic calculation, leading to laboratory developed cleaner technologies, as well as the organization of small productions for testing the needs of market development.

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