Healing Mud and Lye

The Healing Mud

The healing properties of the sea mud have been known since the ancient Thracians, Egyptians and Romans. The first information about peloidal therapy (of Greek Pelos – mud) is associated with gynaecological diseases. Even in ancient times the patient was immersed in curative clay in case of inflammation and oedemas.

Healing sea mud is a sedimentary product of the decay of unicellular organisms, algae, fish, crabs and clams at the bottom of firths – the coastal salt lakes. All along the Black Sea coast, from north to south, there are mud yields in Shablensko and Varna Lake, Rusalka resort, the area of Balchishka Tuzla, Pomorie and Atanasovsko lakes.

Healing Mud

Healing Mud Skin Treatment

Firth mud is an average sulphide, clean and homogeneous mass with very good qualities. Usually the healing mud has dark brown to black colour and with a specific smell of hydrogen sulphide, caused by the decay of micro organisms in it. The formation of healing sea mud is an extremely slow process. In years with good atmospheric conditions only 1 millimetre is postponed for a year.

The useful properties of the Pomorie sea mud have been documented since the time of ancient Thracians. In those days the basin was called the Lake of the Three Nymphs and was used for treatment by nobles and even by emperors.

The healing mud has a complex effect on the body due to its chemical and physical properties. The medicative clay treatment favourably affects the peripheral nervous system. The thermal properties of the healing mud dilate blood vessels and open new capillaries. The clay reduces oedemas, relieves pain, removes scars and improves regenerative processes.

The presence of periwinkle algae in the composition of the mud makes it unique. Thanks to professor Paraskev Stoyanov’s (the founder of scientific mud healing in Bulgaria) surveys, at the beginning of the last century was the first act of healing mud treatment in our country. It was found that the periwinkle contains elements from almost the whole periodic table, 16 types of plant medicinal substances, anti-inflammatory components and hormonal substances.


Healing Sea Mud

Thanks to these qualities, healing sea mud is successfully used in the treatment of fertility problems. Sanatorium tourism attracts visitors from all around the world.

The methods of mud healing are few and they are defined by the state and age of the person treated.

The traditional methods applied here are:

  • Application – spreading some healing mud over the body or part of it for a certain time;
  • Bath method – taking a healing mud bath of a certain temperature and duration, according to the needs of the patient;
  • Egyptian – after a sun bath, smearing the body with healing mud and leaving it to dry in the sun;
  • Cavitation – with rectal or vaginal sponges with healing mud, in case of infertility and reproductive problems.

Besides being treated, healing clay beautifies and rejuvenates with the help of calcium, iodine, phosphorus and other substances.

The Sea Lye

Besides curative firth mud, gathered thousands of years at the bottom of the lake, the mother lye, which is the residual product of salt production is also used with healing purpose. After the crystallization of the salt in the salt works, the lye stays above the salt layer as thick oily liquid with yellow brownish colour. Sea lye is a highly concentrated ionic colloidal solution with a good anti-inflammatory and regenerative action. It is successfully used for fighting problems of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, dental diseases. The lye healing with galvanic current, so-called lugoforeza, gives particularly good results with diseases of the joints, arthrosis of the spine and in the form of compresses.

For all these scientifically proven benefits of mud and lye, it is also produced cosmetics with a high content of these substances.

The combination of the contemporary achievements of medical science with the natural benefits of mud and lye gives unique results for years. The use of cosmetics with lye and mud is the first and cheapest step towards modern balanced life and treatments. Undoubtedly, this is one of the few fields of science where nature meets science and gives unique results without side effects.

by Black Sea Cosmetics

We offer a wide range of unique cosmetic products based on the healing lye and mud from the salty lakes of Pomorie and Burgas, combined with Black Sea sea salts and enriched with natural herbal ingredients form Bulgaria.

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